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Tax, Audit and Advisory services remain a crucial DNA component of a functioning institution whether public, private or non-governmental in various sectors. Based on confidence and value attached to MBD, we guarantee you a blend of multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team of top level researchers and consultants drawn from strong regional and local database of Associates for short and long-term assignments in various sectors. 

Aid Agencies, Charities and Foundations

MBD group of consultants has a vast experience in required accounting and financial reporting and proven project planning and management skills for government project, donor funding supported projects for organizations such as International Monetary Fund, European Union, The World Bank, World Trade Organization, African Growth and Opportunity Act and East African Community among others.


Agriculture and Rural Development

Agricultural sector continues to pre-dominate many Africans countries in terms of its contribution to Growth and Domestic Product (GDP), source of employment opportunities and incomes for the rural poor, and a major contribution to food security. In Kenya, the sector contributes over 21% to GDP and employs over 75% of the Kenyan population. It comprises of horticultural crops, tea, coffee, corn, pyrethrum, and wheat that are grown in the fertile highlands, and livestock that predominates in the semi-arid savanna while other crops such as coconutspineapplescashew nuts, cotton, sugarcane,  and sisal are grown in the lower lying areas.  

Despite the potential contribution of the sector to the growth of African economies, it has continued to be faced with a myriad of challenges due to over-reliance on rain-fed agriculture, unpredictable weather and climatic conditions due to the impact of climate change, and continued use of backward farming technologies by many farmers despite current scientifically proven agricultural technologies.

MBD wide network of agronomists, agricultural-economists, plant and nutrition experts, postharvest handling and processing technologists, livestock specialists and community development consultants are capable of providing you with complete in-house solutions for all your problems in production, postharvest handling, marketing and logistics.

Foods, Beverage and Tobacco  

The food-processing sector in Kenya comprises of food, beverages and tobacco and is the leading component of the manufacturing industry. It comprises of over 1,100 businesses that include all the institutions from small family organizations to large multinational companies and in terms of structure, economic contributions, and performance it remains the most important and largest component of the manufacturing sector. 

MBD contributes to the development of this sector by availing highly qualified and experienced business consultants capable of handling complex and challenging issues and advising Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Scale Enterprises from business planning, start-ups to immense growth and development.

Natural Resource Management

Natural resources face degradation and require proper accounting and planning so as to achieve sustainable development across generations. For instance, the forestry resources in Kenya continue to be depleted at high rate which doesn’t account for the future generations.

Output from fishing has been declining due to ecological disruption resulting from pollution, overfishing and use of unauthorized fishing equipment which leads to falling catches and endangering local fish species.

MBD group offers advisory services on pond and dam construction and management, environmental and natural resource management among other services.

Information, Communication and Technology

The sector comprises of broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services which are regulated by Community Authority of Kenya. MBD group of computer scientists; software, electronic and electrical engineers among other experts offers high level expertise and technology driven business advisory services that meets the growing market demand and sector solutions. 

Building, Construction and Real Estate Management

With the expanding middle class, business community and increases in disposable incomes in Kenya, demand for mortgages, quality infrastructure as well other social amenities in safe and secure environments is on the rise. This development calls for mutual trust in the industry where investors are assured of the Agreements entered into and the return of their investment.


MBD real estate and property consultants’ assists sector stakeholders in identifying viable investments and other property value addition in addition to other services such as:

  • Real estate consult and property management
  • Agency services
  • Landscaping and construction
  • Project management
  • Sales & Letting services
  • Valuation
  • Development plots and sub-divisions


 Industry and Manufacturing

This sector has become increasingly important contributor to GDP in Kenya. It creates job and investment opportunities from product value addition and increased incomes which transforms people’s livelihoods.   

MBD experts offer business advisory and consultancy services that assists clients in dealing with complex accounting, finance and technical issues for optimal production in grain milling, fabrication and small farm machinery production.

Energy and Electricity

The Kenya’s energy and electricity supply comes from hydroelectric stations, geothermal stations, windmills, bio-diesel industry, importation of electricity from Uganda, and exploration of recently discovered hydrocarbon reserves among other sources.

While the sector has a potential of transforming Kenya to high income countries, its faced with challenges such as inadequate sea port facilities for handling imported coal and natural gas, high and fluctuating international prices of fossil fuels, conflict with food security issues when developing bio-diesel industry, and unrealistic demands by local communities where energy resources like coal, gas and oil are discovered.

MBD team of consultants works with industry players and has remained best companion in assisting clients invest and handle challenges and development issues by involving highly experienced and skilled experts and outsourcing for skills where necessary to guarantee success.  

Financial Services

The Kenya banking system is supervised by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). It comprises of commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, mortgage companies, SACCOS, and several foreign-exchange bureaus.

MBD experienced team in the field offers business skills training and advisory services in addition to other services such as market research and consumer behavior studies for business growth, service improvement and clients’ satisfaction.

Hotels, Tourism and Leisure

Services sector in Kenya is dominated by tourism. Currently, over 500 decent hotels exist in the country and the figures are growing rapidly with MNCs investing in food production; construction and engineering; Information, technology and telecommunications; aviation; and motor vehicle manufacturing. The MNC’s investment in the hotel industry has increased bed occupancy and conferencing levels in the hospitality industry important with revamp in tourism.


MBD group offers clients services such as airport transfers, hotel transfers, tours and travel services and highly secured fitted with GPS for maximum security. By doing this, we believe in promoting domestic and international tourism and showcasing of Kenyans rich culture, coastal beaches and coral reeves, rift valleys and game animals.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The rapid growth of the pharmaceutical market in the region has presented the need for increase quantity of production and the export ratio for quality products. Kenya is currently the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region supplying about 50 per cent of the region’s market.

We assist clients in handling various issues in the industry such as research and development in making it more efficient.

Environment, Safety and Health

Environmental issues such as water pollution from urban and industrial wastes; degradation of water quality from increased use of pesticides and fertilizers; water hyacinth infestations; deforestation and soil erosion and desertification are some of the growing concerns for many nations, development partners and other stakeholders in the sector.  

MBD capacity of drawing expertise across a broad range of environmental and other technical disciplines in a diverse sectoral coverage such as mining and mineral processing makes us a preferred partner in handling and delivering success. Our clients identifies us a leader in providing a complete in-house and advisory solutions such as Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) and other consulting services to high levels of accomplishment.

Government and Public sector

Public sector through it’s regulative, administrative and allocation functions play a key role in reducing poverty, improving livelihoods and sustaining good governance of its citizenry. It comprises, the central government, local authorities and public owned corporations.

MBD public sector consultants are well vast with issues of micro and macro-economics, public policy and planning, trade and international development, public expenditure reviews and analysis and monitoring and evaluation of projects crucial for public sector development.  

Roads, Transport and Logistics

Investors in the sector require a just system that is free from bureaucracies and unnecessary delays for their business planning purposes. The supply chain systems should therefore be predictable, free from delays, congestion and unnecessary interventions by relevant authorities in sea, road and air transport.


MBD group of consultants and advisors provides adept services to the industry stakeholders that enable them reduce cost of operation, lower risk of their investments and spur the growth of their businesses at national, regional or international level. 


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