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Business Development and Advisory Services

Company Secretarial Services
An individual’s dream of owning and managing a firm starts with coming up and search of a business name, approval and consequent registration at the registrar of companies as a business or a company with the relevant legal body. This may be a simple, but the complex process is that of ensuring that the firm is operated within the legal requirements.

MBD team offers you a unique experience in owning your own company and the assurance of operating the firm within the legal confirms. We save you the hustle of some tedious processes thus making sure that your valuable time is re-invested in the success and development of your company.

The services offered include: 

  • Advising and facilitating business name search, approval and registration at the registrar of companies in Kenya for both local and foreign companies
  • Preparation of minutes for meetings, special and other resolutions for members and board of directors
  • Drawing and amending the Memorandum and Article of Association (M&AA)
  • Allotment of shares, changes in directors or shareholders and other statutory information
  • Upgrade of businesses into companies or other corporations and their subsequent de-registration
  • Finding a good registered office facility within an efficient business location
  • Submission of annual returns to Registrar of Companies in Kenya
  • Facilitating the registration of Patents, Copyrights, Trademark and other ownership registrations

Developing, Review of Business Plans and Advisory

Though BAS are crucial for growth of businesses, many business owners and entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to create an advisory unit within their business due to difficulties in getting the right team and cost of maintaining the advisors.

MBD advisory group offers clients an opportunity for a deeper SWORT analysis of their company’s business plans and financial statements for proper advice about investments, marketing, and potential funding opportunities.

Budgets Reviews and Forecasts

MBD understands that proper budgeting and forecasting determines the success of any business venture. Many firms’ find themselves in financial burden after short duration in their operation due to inadequate budgeting, poor forecasts and in-efficient planning. That is why MBD team is available to assists clients in designing business models that suits individual business and budgetary needs, expansion and success

Business Legal Services

Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are aware that the environments in which they operate are not free from any risk which is sometimes internal. MBD legal team offers cost-effective special and forensic analysis and advisory services that ensures clients are free from any fraudulent risk that emanates from internal or external environments.

Event Organization, Representation and Report Writing

Business events offer a unique opportunity for networking, sharing of unique business experiences and a rich environment for building clientele for business success. However, some firms find it difficult to participate in some international conferences due to limited financial resources, difficulty in allocating a team member due assignments with strict deadlines, and complex processes involved in obtaining travel visas and other documents.

MBD saves you the hustle by assigning an experienced team to attend an event in a country of our office locations on behalf of your organization and then compile a report on your behalf.

We also assist you to organize events such fundraise, education fairs, workshops and seminars to a success.


Business Skills Training and Consulting

MBD expert facilitators provides a well rounded training in various fields of a business planning, execution and growth by providing practical step by step guidance on the following courses:

  • Organization behavior and human resource management skills
  • Purchasing and procurement management skills
  • Marketing and product development skills
  • International financial reporting standards
  • Strategic planning & management skills
  • Entrepreneurship skills, business planning, leadership and management
  • Basic book keeping, accounting and finance management skills
  • Perfect personal assistant, effective communication and office administration


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